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Grace's March Diary Entry

Grace's March Diary Entry

Wowwww I'm a bit late to the party with my march recap, probably because it flew sooo fast I actually can’t believe it's what’s next- Christmas basically!

We had a quiet month but looking back I wouldn’t change it, sometimes your body just needs a simple routine like month, family life, daily to do’s, washing, cooking, cleaning, working. I wouldn’t take it for granted one bit.

We did start the month off with a bang of sickness with Scarlett, temps, ear infection and conjunctivitis, we’ve already ticked a bit off on the sickness list this year so far! I then headed on a work (+ child free!) weekend to Auckland for the Baby Show. It was so lovely to once again be in front of new and existing customers, showing off our beautiful collection of products which reminds me of how proud I am of where we are at with the business. My mum very kindly came and helped me at the show, and it doubled up as a great time to see my sister who lives there and we stayed with. Throw in some lovely dinners and my own bed +pillow that my toddlers head wouldn’t take over at 2am! Although it's always nice to return home back to our comforts and to give Scarlett a kiss goodnight as she was soundly asleep when I arrived back Sunday night.

Back to regular programming I set up my home office, for admin days. Our stock will still stay at the warehouse for dispatching though. Alex and I managed to get in a well needed date night, full of delicious food and margaritas!


Throw in multiple outfit changes and dress ups from Scarlett, ballet being the highlight of our weekends. Oh and I can’t forget her love for her baby dolls and swinging outside on her SOLEVJ swing. Fresh air is so good for us all. Even if it's for a 5 minute swing, it's such a game changer on long days. Easter ended the month for us nicely, where we stayed put at home for 4 glorious days of nothing planned. It almost felt like lockdown again Alex and I thought no obligations, seeing what we felt like doing and ticking things off around the house. Our little chocolate lover had a ball eating her Easter bunny at 7am, followed by an easter hunt around the garden after her nap. I think Easter is my new favourite holiday!



That sums up our March really, April is now here and we are hitting the ground running ahead of Baby Expos + Markets, so stay tuned for next month's recap! I am always thankful for your support in so many ways, and remember I'm always here to hear your Mum wins and woo's too.

Love Grace x