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Grace's June Diary Entry

Grace's June Diary Entry

Happy July! Halfway through the year already, heck. We are all feeling it, but boy oh boy is it cold, I swear every year winter shocks me! 

A little June ‘dump’ for you all below! Which started & ended very nicely. Although some days felt like a tough slog, I do thoroughly enjoy sitting down at the end of the month and pulling photos to recap. It’s a great reminder of all the beautiful moments of the month gone. 

We kickstarted June with quite possibly the sweetest day ever! Scarlett had her very first ballet recital. She was quite stage shy but all in all, did so well. I think I was just as nervous, being up there with her!

We tried to make the most of the wintery days and get out and about, consisting of early dinners out, visits to the Trampoline Park- (I swear Scarlett would go every day if she could) and of course fluffy dates. This has become a bit of a ritual for Scarlett & I. I find it helps me to build more confidence in parenting outside of the house and it’s great to experience different things together. 

On the business front, I am charging ahead to do whatever I can to keep on floating and stick out the rut. It was a big move for a small business to offer such a great sale but ultimately we have to be on par with our competitors and also keep things moving. I loved seeing what you all purchased! 

The much-anticipated arrival of Mum Club finally landed. I am obsessed with this brand of caps so it was only right for us to stock them! There is a cap for all things Mum + Dad and I hope you love them just as much as I do! (Currently rocking chaos as I write this… seems about right!)

Lots of cuddles and cuteness from our little toddler, who now says Mumma in an Italian kinda tone, ahh kids! We are also obsessed with hair styling play sessions. Scarlett now has her own pretend hair dryer & scissors and loves to offer everyone a new style… 

Sushi night, Arlo the dog stealing the couch and catch-ups with other amazing Christchurch business owners to chat all things life too!

We ended off the month with a Matariki, Scarlett had a sweet performance night at her preschool and then Alex & I headed away for the night to North Canterbury. (Thanks Grandparents!) How weird is it being away and expecting a toddler at your legs but they aren’t there! It was great to get away by ourselves but no matter what we missed our little love! 

Keep warm, keep trucking along and bring on some warm sunshine soon I hope! 

Grace x