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Grace's January Diary Entry

Grace's January Diary Entry

January felt like the longest month ever, but maybe that's because as I sit here scrolling through my camera roll and remember a bit has happened!

We kicked off 2024 with a bang, (well I was asleep when the clock struck 2024!) We hopped on a plane down to Queenstown for a little R & R. This included many fluffies, ice cream, water play, family outings oh and some Mum and Dad date time! (Thanks to my parents!)


Next up were first bee stings & no makeup ‘what day is it days’ until the day came we moved out of our very first home. A real bittersweet moment, it was the first home Alex and I brought together, the home we brought our first baby home to. I shed a few tears, we said our goodbyes for more exciting things ahead to come for our little family. In between our new normal of squatting with family until we find our new roof, orders were dispatched and we faced our next hurdle of the month, this time at preschool.



Our little darling moved up to the ‘big kids class’ (well that's what we have been calling it !). That brought emotional moments and big changes for Scarlett to understand. Finally now she is settled and loving her new class. Saying goodbye to her first teacher was like letting go of a family member to me, again I cried my way to the last pick up in her old class. (Ahh I am never this emotion person but gosh January got me goodddd!) Anyone else felt emotional saying goodbye to teachers? We were so lucky to have someone who took incredible care and supported our little love, but it was time for the next step in her learning!


So as I look back at the month been and feel like we have adjusted to our new life, I am finally back into true work mode with a good dose of drop offs, pick ups, supermarket trips, bubble blowing, playing babies and little sleep. Do I have many photos of myself to show you from the month? Mm no I'm a Mum haha. A couple of selfies will do. Maybe next month I will?

Chat again end of next month.

Grace x