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Grace's April Diary Entry

Grace's April Diary Entry

April, ahh I may or may not be writing this blog in the middle of may but hey life got a bit hectic at the start of the month and this task may have fallen off the to do!
Anyway here we go.

April flew by with nothing all too eventful. (that's how I actually like it I reckon!) It was a quieter month for our family and the business. I totally lost a bit of momentum at some stage but now being May, fresh month we are back on track.

Our winter warmers starting arriving at the warehouse, beautiful knitwear and lots of booties flying out the door, because oouccch it's now cold.

We had a some questionable toddler fashion moments, where Scarlett was free to get creative with her looks and boy oh boy does she love colour, bless! At some stage she also learnt how patient or dog Arlo is and he got dressed up too!

Ballet & baking took place, I'm slightly obsessed with a little 3pm piece of slice - whether it be citrus or espresso. A guilty habit I have also passed onto my parents who regularly request a new batch! I can confirm there is NOTHING nutritious about these slices haha.


Our other new thing in our house is to read books before bed, Scarlett chooses a bunch every night and we sit and read while she has her bottle before its bedtime and I actually love this now, its a good wind down for me too!

I finished the month preparing for the Christchurch Baby Expo, with a big old week of barcoding, practise set ups, signage printing and boxing up our stock before the expo. You’d think I would get the hang of this by now but mmm that's still questionable.

Anyway, I'll catch you again for a may wind up, which I will actually endeavour to do on time!

Keep warm x

With love,