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Grace's February Diary Entry

Grace's February Diary Entry

Februaryyyyyy - shivers as if January wasn’t hectic enough, I'm glad we are though this month too!!

Let's get into this diary entry. We started the month off in the BEST way celebrating my beautiful sisters 30th. We headed up to Auckland for celebrations, cake, cocktails & sister/Aunty fun. We actually surprised her with our visit, which nearly made her fall off her chair as I held Scarlett up to the window of her work office!

Even more fluffies were consumed, multiple wake up nights & outfit changes occurred during toddler life this month, and oh of course back into ballet. I think its a highlight of my week (as well as Scarletts!)

grace and scarlett celebrating Harriets 30th Birthday

We had a rough stint of a sick little Scarlett, another after hours visit, uncontrolled temps and ear infections rattling her. My gosh, having sick children is the worst, with very little you can do to make them feel better. That also resulted in that beautiful tired mama picture I’ve popped below of coffee and new eye bags, which I still am rocking. - but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our slightly ‘gibsy’ living continued as we looked and looked for a home, and then finally after multiple offers we secured our new family home and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Flat pack builds, stored away toys were re discovered and my full wardrobe is back in front of my eyes every morning! Although lets not lie my ‘look’ consists of workout gear I don’t actually ‘work out’ in very often!

Grace and Scarlett

As we got into our new normal, re discovered our family routine and got used to the new preschool run route the businesses first birthday arrived. I can’t actually quite believe its been a year of owning this little hustle, its a strange one sometimes, it feels like a lifetime ago and sometimes it feels like only yesterday I was piling stock into our spare bedroom waiting for my very first order!

We ended the month with Mum + Dad dressing up and celebrating a dear friends wedding day. Ah how good is a wedding? No children at your feet- but more importantly being surrounded by happiness and beautiful love. Parenting with a slightly sore head the next day isn’t so much of a laugh though!

Grace and Scarlett celebrating A+O 1st birthday

So to wrap up February and to wrap up my first year in business, I want to thank each and every one of you who has been apart of our path. Business is not easy one bit and if I have taken anything away from this first year it is to expect the unexpected, never be surprised at anything but always try to give it your all.

I'm excited to see what the next year ahead brings but for now I hope everyone enjoys our current birthday celebrations, spin your heart out and win some exciting goodies, nothing better than some savings!

Chat to you all next month.

From your coffee sipping gal, Grace x