Lagom Design Studio

The Happy Heads Deck - Girls


Say hello to our brand new mindfulness product under Lagom, The Happy Heads Deck. Designed in New Zealand, this little pack of magic was co-created with rad dads, marvellous mums, well-being experts and mental health advocates, to create something for young minds that would have a true impact.

This isn't any old "affirmations" deck. At the Studio, we believe it is important for kids to explore all of their emotions. Our cards not only cover positive reinforcement, but letting kids know "hey, it is ok to feel sad sometimes!" We also want to break down gender specific beliefs around what girls and boys should and shouldn't feel. As well as shared topics, our girl's deck lets girls know their body and uniqueness makes them beautiful, encouraging them to speak up and share their voice, and to shape their future into whatever they want it to be. Other topics include respecting others, perseverance and managing change, loving our own and others' culture, encouraging beautiful imaginations, caring for our planet and many more! 

Each of the 24 cards have been lovingly hand illustrated in New Zealand and are produced by a family-run business in Australia. When designing these cards, we've thought of everything. From the soft colour palettes and silky smooth feel, to the FSC certified artboard that makes this little deck of happiness kinder to our planet. 

Girls deck topics include:

  • self-love and empowerment
  • loving yourself
  • your voice and opinions matter
  • shaping your own future
  • kindness and listening to others
  • managing negative emotions
  • perseverance
  • taking care of our planet
  • loving your culture and that of others
  • inclusion

Every deck comes with a wooden stand to display your child's daily affirmation and a special moon or star crystal that they can keep close.  Due to availability, crystal will be assigned randomly.

  • Opal – happiness, confidence, peace and hope.
  • Amethyst – protection, wisdom, and stress relief
  • Unakite – emotional balance, compassion, empathy and connection to nature
  • Green Aventurine – optimism, perseverance, courage and letting go
  • Rose Quartz – unconditional love, emotional healing, compassion and calm
  • Aquatic Agate – self-confidence, grounding and emotional balance
  • Pink Aventurine – hope, emotional balance and strength

These cards have been specifically designed for a wider age group of girls. Recommended age range 5-14.