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A little about me

Hello, lovely souls of the parenting world. My name is Grace. Not too long ago, I embarked on a new chapter, taking over Acorn + Oak, a cherished children’s boutique online store located in the heart of Christchurch, New Zealand.

As a mother to my daughter, Scarlett, I've danced to the rhythm of sleepless nights, laughed at the surprise spills, and felt the weight of wanting only the best for my child. The emotions, the hustle, and the endless love—believe me, I've been right where you are, understanding just how beautifully busy and occasionally overwhelming parenthood can be.

With Acorn + Oak, I wanted to make sure that every parent had a trusted friend by their side. Someone who'd say, "I've been there, and this right here, is just what you need for your little one."

I've lovingly curated a collection that combines the best products, quality and price. Every purchase from Acorn + Oak comes with exceptional customer service, a personal touch, and a commitment to being your trusted partner in this beautiful parenting journey.

As you navigate the beautiful maze of parenting, remember, with Acorn + Oak, you have a friend who gets it, celebrates it, and is here for every step, every giggle, and every challenge.

Celebrating parenthood together,

Grace x

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