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Grace's May Diary Entry

Grace's May Diary Entry

May has been well and truly an absolute doozy. The longest feeling month was filled with a whole lot of things that haven’t been fab. I could almost write a bullet point content list for this month's recap! 

**Before I go any further, for those who may be affected by reading about miscarriages, infant loss,  fertility, or infertility please know that this topic is within this monthly recap**  

May started off with brightness with the Baby Expo in Christchurch, something I absolutely love exhibiting at, because it's our home, our city, and our local customers! I launched our very first product of my own (!) being our washcloths at the Expo which I was actually super excited to do. 


First things first though, we sadly found out our wee growing Bubs (which I was yet to announce to you all) little heart was no longer beating. This was the night before packing in for the Expo. It came as an absolute shock (as it does for all) after a routine scan, which I popped in to have between work and preschool pick-up thinking all was well, but indeed it was not. I have decided that I will do a separate blog on this (coming soon), for those who may want to read, relate, or understand more of my recent journey. 

The Expo itself was amazing, as they always are, seeing all of your faces and parenthood journeys but I won’t lie, being at the Baby Expo, surrounded by incredible pregnancy and baby products with beautiful growing bumps and little babies wasn’t easy in the slightest. But I got there, with the help of amazing family and friends who were there to support and make the weekend as easy as possible.  

The next morning post-Expo I went for surgery, so this week of May was very very quiet. Scarlett actually got Croup, a chest infection + 2 ear infections this week too so we were both home looking after each other! I also celebrated my third Mother's Day this same week with my beautiful girl, while endeavouring to rest and take care. There is nothing better than toddler smiles and chat to bring some happiness.  


On a more joyous note, the double pigtails and hair clip game is strong in our household, and it's now a morning ritual of ours, choosing what hair clips and how many pigtails each day. I say it now but I love doing her hair! The story may be different in a few years time! We also have had success with Scarlett's toilet training, I am so glad I didn’t push it a couple of months back when she wasn’t into it, but now it has just happened and I am so thrilled for her!  

Coffees, working when I could and samples of our next new product arrived on my doorstep. This was so cool to see in real life, and I hope once we launch you all love them too. Our full-page spread in Bountiful Pregnancy edition also got sent to me, it's amazing to see our little business in an incredible publication!  

The month ended with our little S having her second surgery. It's been a month of whatever life throws at you, just keep on going. I had a phone call a week prior, saying they had an opening and would if we’d like to take it. We have waited a long time for this and we couldn’t say no. Scarlett was a true champion, she took everything in her stride, (and I must say the second time around with her having surgery, now that she can understand/ communicate made this journey so much easier for her) She stayed in ICU post operation to be monitored, and our experience from start to finish was incredible. She was so well cared for, we couldn’t fault anything. Scarlett is recovering so well and we are so grateful this experience is over.  

As we wrap up the month that’s been, I look forward to a brighter June. I hope to be able to get back into Acorn + Oak and give it the time it needs and hopefully continue its path.  

If you got this far, thank you for your support on this journey & for reading my recaps, it's a hard old time in business, and hopefully things get better. 

Grace x