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Fun Ways to Display Your Family Photos

Fun Ways to Display Your Family Photos

Display your precious family photos in style.

Have you got an iphone camera roll full of cute moments of your little one? Yep, thought so. 

I’ve recently printed lots of photos and I love having them up around the house. Transforming a living space into a gallery of cherished memories can be done in various innovative ways. Here are three creative ways to display family photos in your home.


Create a Photo Gallery Wall
Gather a collection of family photos on a gallery wall. Options include a uniform grid with identical frames or a more eclectic mix of frames. Using a picture ledge allows for easy swapping of photos, and highlighting a large family photo as a central piece can create a striking focal point.

photographs in home

Hang Photos with Pegs

Attach photos to a wire, string, or metal grid using colourful pegs. This method provides flexibility and a playful element. Enhance the display by adding other items like postcards or artwork from kindy.

photos hanging on string

Compile a Photo Book

A photo book serves as a personalised coffee table item. Customisable layouts, cover designs, and photo treatments, including filters and cropping, offer a unique way to present family memories. Adding captions or small keepsakes like ticket stubs enriches the storytelling aspect. DIY like an old school scrap book or use one of the many online tools to build your own one and have it printed. 

photo book

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“Displaying photographs of Scarlett in our home brings so much joy and connection. Each photo is a reminder of the small, magical moments that represent our family's story.” – Grace